What We Do

ComSec Technologies offers consulting and design of Security Solutions for the commercial and government sectors.

System Design Custom Solutions

Professional design custom suited for specific Security Solution needs.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Perimeter Compact Surveillance Radar Systems
  • Fence Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
  • Video Analytics

Drone Detection and Intervention

  • Compact Radar Systems
  • Interdiction System

Government, Municipal and Private Sectors

  • Designs from small offices and multi-tenant to municipal environments
  • DAS systems for cellular expansion in campus and high rise buildings
  • Wireless network deployments for campus environments
  • Outside Plant physical infrastructure

Data Communications Physical and Logical Networks

Solutions for any data communications project.

Program and Project Management

Security Solution Management

ComSec specializes in design and management of security, communications and electrical projects for commercial and government clients with customized services to meet the client’s needs. ComSec Technologies has experience in domestic and international projects.

Solutions are designed to meet clients needs, using commercial off the shelf and custom tailored solutions and include:

  • Video Management Systems
    Manages the user interface and storage of video
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
    Provide imaging in total darkness for detection of intruders.
  • High Resolution Video Cameras
  • Fire/Smoke Detection Cameras
    FireVu provides early fire detection for high value assets. Its proven Video Smoke Detection technology detects, identifies and analyses smoke at the start of a fire. This enables users, located on site or remotely, to raise the alert and take appropriate action early.

Video Surveillance Complete Solutions

A complete solution to all of your video surveillance needs.

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