ComSec Technologies offers Counter Unmanned Aircraft Solutions with products from industry leaders like Spotter RF and Cerbair. Drone detection is complex and difficult. The size of a tiny drone makes it difficult for video analytics to detect a drone at a distance and high levels of urban noise make acoustic and RF detection nearly useless. The right equipment is essential to success.

Spotter RF Anti-Drone Systems

A-Series radars can cut through the noise and clutter and detect a small drone (ex. DJI Phantom) in wide areas. They are not affected by weather, lighting, or noise pollution, which makes them the best drone detection sensors for urban environments.

Spotter AX250

  • Detect and track UAS in 3-dimensions
  • Distinguish between birds and drones using radar metadata
  • Deploy and operate easily, even in urban environments
  • Own your airspace with a full-hemisphere geofence
  • Small form factor makes it ideal for temporary and covert operations

Institutional, Industrials or Individuals

  • Highest Cost-Efficiency on the market
  • Mobility and Simplicity of use
  • Modularity and Upgradability
  • Stationary, Mobile or Portable

CERBAIR Anti-Drone Solutions

To counter the new drone security threats, HYDRA is a powerful and flexible 1st line of defense whether you are looking for a versatile solution or a high performing detection technology to be integrated in a multilayer Command and Control system.

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